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Merran Laginestra: voice & electronics
Pedro Lopez: electronics

All About Jazz - New York # 94 / February 2010

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Ron McClure, Harris Eisenstadt, Svend Asmussen, Joe Maneri, Sackville Records, Clubs in the New Decade part 2



Small Things on Sundays - Transformation/Decay [chat 032]



terje paulsen . a posteriori

I collect a lot of stuff. some seems to be rather useless. Like the old three-stringed guitar, cracked cymbals, my first record player that don't work like it should (but still give me some good memories from my childhood), the little transistor that hardly take in norwegian channels, or the cones I pick outside and let dry in my room.
When touching and pick at them i find interesting sounds. some i slightly manipulate in the editor, others are their real sounds.

with this ep i want to share some of my experiences with the sounds from a few of my collected objects.



Hindi + Riis - Trunking [ca354]
Jassem Hindi:
Jakob Riis:



_ et le feu comme matière formatable technologiquement _

- sap(e) feat. bernhard günter/improvisation
- radu malfatti/wechseljahre einer hyäne
- three strings/3s

- pierre gerard/objects in mirror are closer than they appear
- frédéric darras



Time Flies
22nd Annual
Improvised Music



Scott Sherk . 23 Fountains of Beverly Hills [SF-8001]


Carlos Suárez - Live Sónar 2009 [alg-set003]



Doyeq - Eyelashes Of Lanterns

1 Ballet In A Box
2 Eyelashes Of Lanterns
3 The Letter Back
4 Train Travel



Language of Landscape
Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow
[Phantom Channel]

1. And The Rain Embraced Our Closing Words 14:48
2. Contemplating Departure In Wake of Clear Light 16:22
3. Speaking Between Truth and Denial 14:40

KARST - Samuel D [insubcdr09]
freak poetry & free improv
d'incise / luc mueller / cyril bondi



Ken Vandermark - Resonance (10-CD's box-set)
[NotTwo Records]



SHSK'H, Vol. 05: Solo Viola d'Amore - Garth Knox‏. The viola d'amore has multiple strings and an infinite number of possible sound worlds. I was happy to explore some of these here, in a mixture of pre-meditated scenarios and free improvisations. - Garth Knox




MEZZO: Monk’s Revolutionary Improvisation
January 7
8:30 pm: Documentary on Thelonious Monk
9:35 pm: Excerpts from Thelonious Monk Concerts

In the history of jazz, there is a before and an after Thelonious Monk. Rhythmically, harmonically and melodically, the American pianist revolutionized jazz improvisation. Enjoy a fascinating documentary on this legendary figure, who played with Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis, to name just a few, and see excerpts from a series of 1966 concerts in Norway, where Monk dazzles with a true dream team of musicians: percussionist Ben Riley, bassist Larry Gales, and saxophonist Charlie Rouse.



Jazz On 3, esta semana:
Celebration of British Jazz at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club
Cleveland Watkiss Trio
Kenny Wheeler Quintet
Django Bates' Human Chain
Tom Arthurs and Richard Fairhurst


Rurihiko Hara - Arabesque Pond [NM012]

Rurihiko Hara is a young japanese artist who delivers us a great album mainly based on piano sounds which are digitally processed in order to describe scenarios, bridges, waterways and landscapes of his native country. Influenced by the sound of labels like Raster-Noton, 12k and the traditional japanise music Noh, he proves why his tunes have been nominated and broadcasted several times on Ryuichi Sakamoto's Radio Audition Corner. -



Juan Antonio Nieto - Indoor [Impulsive Habitat]

jazz, música improvisada, electrónica, new music e tudo à volta



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